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Why I don’t use Google Chrome

Google doesn’t allow me to see full URL by default (was completely inaccessible until quite recently). They also don’t let me choose the site encoding. They also try to track you by uploading your browsing history and other metadata (remember, Metadata is also data).

I support none of their action. I settled with Mozilla Firefox. While I have some grievance with Firefox as well, I don’t have any of these compelling “hell-no” problem with Firefox.

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I sent a support request (about HTTP resources being used in their console).

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to

2. Open browser developer console and switch to “Network” (I am using Firefox 73)

3. In “1. Choose an Image”, click “InstantApps”.

Actual behavior (problematic):

Firefox generates the warning “Parts of this page are not secure”.

Desired behavior: Connection stays secure.

Possible cause: is causing the error.

Support ticket with Scaleway

Their response:


I invite you to try via another browser and tell me if the concern persists please.

For more details, I would ask you to send us a screenshot with the error displayed, via an online image sharing service.

I could then forward this ticket to our Advanced team if necessary.



Customer Success Specialist – Frontline Support

Scaleway (Scaleway / Online by Scaleway / Scaleway Datacenter)

Support ticket with Scaleway

I closed the Scaleway account, because it was clear that the support person had no idea what they were talking about.

I don’t know if this was fixed, but that is no longer my problem.

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How to use email to upload to flickr via IFTTT

Flickr removed the ability to upload via Email around January 2019, and in South Korea (where Flickr’s iOS/Android app is not available) it was a killer feature for me. I just want to send something over the email and expect Flickr to host my images.

There comes the IFTTT, which you can use to get the functionality back, though this will require few extra step to set up.


I’m assuming you have flickr account otherwise you wouldn’t have searched for this, right? 😛

Now, get an account on IFTTT, and go to “Create” from the sidebar. You will see something like this.

screenshot of

Click This, and search for Email. You will see “Send IFTTT any email” when you click Email, and then click “That”. Search for Flickr, and “Upload public photo from URL”.

Don’t touch Photo URL field: It is automatically set to email’s attachments. What you type in email Subject will become the title of your flickr file, and the same happens for the description – your email body will become the description. Remember to remove email signatures from the email!

Click Create Action, and Finish. You’re done!

In action

Now, you can email [email protected] and it will convert your email to flickr post. Note that, as this is not an official product, it may take one or two extra minutes to publish on Flickr, but it should be there anytime soon.

I uploaded this through IFTTT to Flickr gateway.

AirPods Pro
AirPods Pro

Enjoy uploading stuff via email, then!

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Why I don’t use Transifex

In one sentence: Open source project migrating away to proprietary model is simply unacceptable.


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KGP 29차 회의 참여 후기

KGP 29차 회의에 참여했었습니다.


회의 참여 후기는 perillamint님의 게시글이 제 의견을 포함하므로 이로 대체합니다.

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iTunes 음악 동기화가 완료되지 않을 때


‘iPhone’으로 음악 동기화 중 (총 4단계 중에서 4단계)

항목 복사 기다리는 중

iTunes가 iPhone으로 동기화를 안 끝낼 때 해결법.

  1. 동기화를 취소한다.
  2. iPhone에 동기화되는 음악에 아무 음악이나 새로 추가한다. 단, 완전히 새 음악이어야 한다.
  3. 다시 동기화한다.
  4. 새 음악만 동기화되면 설정>일반>iPhone 저장 공간>음악 에서 모든 음악을 지운다.
  5. 다시 동기화한다.

이래도 안 되면 방법은 하나뿐이다. rm -rf /$HOME/Music/iTunes.

Time Machine을 사용하는 macOS를 기준으로 한다. 윈도라면 알아서 iTunes 폴더 찾아서 백업한다.

  1. 동기화를 취소한다.
  2. Time Machine 백업 상태를 확인한다.
  3. 음악 폴더의 iTunes 폴더를 지운다.
  4. 그 다음에 복사해놓았던 iTunes를 복구한다.
  5. iTunes를 켠다.
  6. 동기화한다.
  7. PROFIT!


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How to see discord token

If you have discord 2FA enabled and want to use selfbot or something like it, you need token. Remember it changes whenever you change the password or if you disable 2FA.

Tested as of 2017-12-09.


  1. In discord client, Control+Shift+I.
  2. Click Application.
  3. Click Local Storage.
  4. Find
  5. You will see the value ‘token’. Double click the Value part, and copy it.

I don’t use Windows these days, though.


  1. In discord client, Command + Option + I.
  2. Alternatively, View > Developer > Toggle Developer Tools.
  3. Same as Windows, proceed with Step 2.
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확장 프로그램 없이 구글 크롬에서 쓰기

최근에 다른 컴퓨터를 포맷하면서 구글 크롬의 Google 검색 기본값이이라는 점을 알게 되었다.은 검색결과에 세이프서치가 강제 적용되는 것도 있고, (2018년 12월 기준으로 도메인과 관계 없이 국가설정이 적용된다) 굳이을 쓸 이유도 없어서 검색창에서의 검색을 Google.com으로 넘기기로 하고, 방법을 찾아봤는데 확장 프로그램을 설치하는 것과 설정에서 검색엔진을 수동으로 추가하는 방법이 있다. 확장 프로그램을 설치하는 것은 설명할 필요도 없고 내가 확장 프로그램 같은 것을 까는 것을 좋아하지 않기 때문에 확장 프로그램을 설치하지 않는 방식을 써 보도록 한다.

이 방식은 구글 크롬 86.0.4240.183 (2020년 11월 10일 (한국 시간)) 버전을 기준으로 한다.

    1. chrome://settings 에 들어간다.
    2. 검색엔진 관리 를 선택한다.
    3. 기타 검색엔진에서 추가를 선택한다.
    4. 검색엔진에 Google NCR 와 같은 문구를 선택하고, 키워드엔 NCR 과 같은 단어를 입력한다.
    5. URL에는 다음 값을 그대로 입력한다.
    6. 저장하고, 오른쪽 세로 점 세개를 입력한 후 기본으로 설정을 누른다.


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구글의 자신감

구글 클라우드 관련 비공개 행사를 갔는데,

  1. QnA 시간에 Q: 구글은 아마존이나 마소에 비해 후발주자라고 할 수 있을 것인데 무엇이 구글의 장점이라고 생각하느냐 (잠시의 틈도 없이) A: (이 앞에 뭐라고 했던 것 같은데 이건 기억 안 남) 메모리 같은 걸 필요한 만큼만 끌어다가 쓸 수가 있다.
  2. (XXX가 되느냐는) 질문이 다 끝나기도 전에 단정적으로 ‘된다’ 답을 하는 걸 보면서 구글은 오만한가 아니면 그들의 자신감이 그냥 대단을 넘어 엄청난 것인가에 대해 조금 궁금해졌다.
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Liberapay withdrawal from non-SEPA country

I’ve been liberapay user (also translator for Korean) for few months. When I hit the EUR 10 in the balance by July, I thought I could try withdrawing money.

Because South Korean banks do not have SEPA / IBAN support, I had to receive the money via SWIFT. OK, SWIFT… Sure. Let me try. SWIFT codes, blah blah, and confusions…. OK, initiated. I realized I have to pay SWIFT fee when I receive it, but I already clicked the withdraw button. And then I was wondering if I could receive it in few weeks, but nothing happened during August so I forgot about them.

And yesterday, I received a call from the bank. “Hey, do you have any SWIFT transfer from ‘MangoPay’?” “Yes, anything wrong with them?” “Actually… You have transferred too small amount of money, which is even below the SWIFT handling fee.” Yeah, I expected that, when I saw the documents about SWIFT fee. “We will exempt the fee for this time (they gave me reasons but I won’t say it here), but please make sure to send larger amount of money next time.” OK, sure.

And as a consequence now Liberapay has a comment about the possible fee from your bank. :P.