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Why I don’t use Google Chrome

Google doesn’t allow me to see full URL by default (was completely inaccessible until quite recently). They also don’t let me choose the site encoding. They also try to track you by uploading your browsing history and other metadata (remember, Metadata is also data).

I support none of their action. I settled with Mozilla Firefox. While I have some grievance with Firefox as well, I don’t have any of these compelling “hell-no” problem with Firefox.

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I sent a support request (about HTTP resources being used in their console).

Steps to reproduce:

1. Go to

2. Open browser developer console and switch to “Network” (I am using Firefox 73)

3. In “1. Choose an Image”, click “InstantApps”.

Actual behavior (problematic):

Firefox generates the warning “Parts of this page are not secure”.

Desired behavior: Connection stays secure.

Possible cause: is causing the error.

Support ticket with Scaleway

Their response:


I invite you to try via another browser and tell me if the concern persists please.

For more details, I would ask you to send us a screenshot with the error displayed, via an online image sharing service.

I could then forward this ticket to our Advanced team if necessary.



Customer Success Specialist – Frontline Support

Scaleway (Scaleway / Online by Scaleway / Scaleway Datacenter)

Support ticket with Scaleway

I closed the Scaleway account, because it was clear that the support person had no idea what they were talking about.

I don’t know if this was fixed, but that is no longer my problem.

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Double Standards

Coronavirus in CJK: Assault them, humiliate them, treat human as virus and claim “We will do same if it happens on Western country so this is not racism”

Coronavirus in Italy: “Pray for Italy”


Original tweet below.

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How to use email to upload to flickr via IFTTT

Flickr removed the ability to upload via Email around January 2019, and in South Korea (where Flickr’s iOS/Android app is not available) it was a killer feature for me. I just want to send something over the email and expect Flickr to host my images.

There comes the IFTTT, which you can use to get the functionality back, though this will require few extra step to set up.


I’m assuming you have flickr account otherwise you wouldn’t have searched for this, right? 😛

Now, get an account on IFTTT, and go to “Create” from the sidebar. You will see something like this.

screenshot of

Click This, and search for Email. You will see “Send IFTTT any email” when you click Email, and then click “That”. Search for Flickr, and “Upload public photo from URL”.

Don’t touch Photo URL field: It is automatically set to email’s attachments. What you type in email Subject will become the title of your flickr file, and the same happens for the description – your email body will become the description. Remember to remove email signatures from the email!

Click Create Action, and Finish. You’re done!

In action

Now, you can email [email protected] and it will convert your email to flickr post. Note that, as this is not an official product, it may take one or two extra minutes to publish on Flickr, but it should be there anytime soon.

I uploaded this through IFTTT to Flickr gateway.

AirPods Pro
AirPods Pro

Enjoy uploading stuff via email, then!

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Why I don’t use Transifex

In one sentence: Open source project migrating away to proprietary model is simply unacceptable.


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iPhone X

iPhone X


Got it, because… why not?

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How to see discord token

If you have discord 2FA enabled and want to use selfbot or something like it, you need token. Remember it changes whenever you change the password or if you disable 2FA.

Tested as of 2017-12-09.


  1. In discord client, Control+Shift+I.
  2. Click Application.
  3. Click Local Storage.
  4. Find
  5. You will see the value ‘token’. Double click the Value part, and copy it.

I don’t use Windows these days, though.


  1. In discord client, Command + Option + I.
  2. Alternatively, View > Developer > Toggle Developer Tools.
  3. Same as Windows, proceed with Step 2.
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Does ESTA send email about application status?

TL;DR: No.

I recently applied for ESTA, and just like Canadian eTA, I expected some mails to arrive on my inbox. Nothing appeared, so I checked my status after few minutes, and surprisingly, it was approved. Confused, I googled, and some source said “You should’ve got it”, and given I didn’t receive anything, I sent an email to CBP.

The response I got is as follows:

There are no emails sent during the authorization process, other than the group ID number if you have submitted a group application.

So, no. If you are applying as an individual, you won’t get an email about your status, and even if you are applying as a group, you will (probably) only get an email about your group ID1.

Copyright: Response of CBP (in blockquote) is assumed to be US Federal Government employee work for hire, thus probably in Public Domain in United States. (I’m not a lawyer, and this is not a legal advice)


  1. (probably) because I haven’t applied as a group yet. 
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Daily post photo challenge: Security

A lock in the bed.
The lock.

Security: (n) the state of being free from danger or threat.

The photo itself was taken in 2011 and I don’t have a highest-resolution image as of now. I might be able to recover from backups, but it will take time.

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Last year (and a day ago) I bought my current iPhone. This is the first outdoor picture taken exactly a year ago. (This was the first snow of 2015-2016 winter. Coincidentally, first snow of 2016-2017 was today.)