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Liberapay withdrawal from non-SEPA country

I’ve been liberapay user (also translator for Korean) for few months. When I hit the EUR 10 in the balance by July, I thought I could try withdrawing money.

Because South Korean banks do not have SEPA / IBAN support, I had to receive the money via SWIFT. OK, SWIFT… Sure. Let me try. SWIFT codes, blah blah, and confusions…. OK, initiated. I realized I have to pay SWIFT fee when I receive it, but I already clicked the withdraw button. And then I was wondering if I could receive it in few weeks, but nothing happened during August so I forgot about them.

And yesterday, I received a call from the bank. “Hey, do you have any SWIFT transfer from ‘MangoPay’?” “Yes, anything wrong with them?” “Actually… You have transferred too small amount of money, which is even below the SWIFT handling fee.” Yeah, I expected that, when I saw the documents about SWIFT fee. “We will exempt the fee for this time (they gave me reasons but I won’t say it here), but please make sure to send larger amount of money next time.” OK, sure.

And as a consequence now Liberapay has a comment about the possible fee from your bank. :P.